Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deviant ART : Update!

Heey i just updating my gallery. Please visit my artworks, thanks!

well, maybe i just made 2 photographs but hope you enjoyed it :DDDD

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

Last friday, i accompany ila at school. Because, she not been picked up by her driver. I also not been picked up and i am enjoined by my father ascend bajaj to go to his office. Better I Accompany Ila at School than waiting at my father's office that i just see adults that be bustle. Previously, i have eaten at canteen with poda and nadia. But one time, of finish eats, i meet ila, karina, gaby, and dara. Then ila says " Difa! Can you accompany me to go to canteen?" and i say " I'm Sorry Ila, i've gone to the canten. But, no problem if you want i accompany you" ila replies " Thaks Difa! Let's go to the canteen"
At Canteen, me, karina, gaby, dara, ila, and nadya just playing handphone and seeing ila and dara that they're eating. Then Karina and Gaby photograph me, nadia, ila, and dara. When i see the result............................ O
MG?? MY FACE?? OH NOOOO I'M VERY VERY VERY UGLY! But, i just igroned that. After eat, we weny to go to auditorium. And apparently, Nadia was picked up by her mother. Now, there's only me, karina, gaby, dara, and ila. Me and ila buy rujak in front of my school and eat it beside the place that jawir sells his self-mede soto. But that time, jawir didn't sell his self-made soto. Don't feel, our rujak is depleted. One time, we look for Karina, Gaby, and Dara. They apparently was go home. So, there's only me and ila. After that, we just play in school and both we get to take photograph. Don't feel, it's half three! Finally, i go out from school and go to my father's office ;((

Ps: Sorry to Ila, cause i leaving you HAHAHAHAHAHA