Monday, April 20, 2009

She and Him

Let me introduce a boy and girl choir hell-bent on making music the old-fashioned way: by hand - and with as few machines as humanly possible. The She & Him story begins when in 2006, renowned one man band M. Ward, recorded a duet with a girl named Zooey Deschanel (She also an Actress! See her at "Yes Man" Movie!). Zooey Deschanel spent much of her early life singing in choirs, which is probably why she likes harmonies so much. She also enjoys reading, dancing and playing the piano. Zoeey is an Old-Fashioned girl. That's why i very loveeeeee her style. She & Him have performed together on occasion over the last year and enjoyed it very much.

Their Latest Music, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Their Album, Volume One

And Check Out their very very cuteeeee and latest Video Clip, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Visit Their Website ------>

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