Friday, August 13, 2010


Long time no blogging :P

ByTheWay, i'm in High School now. Called; SMA Negeri 47 Jakarta. And had a bit trouble during Student's Orientation. PS: Think (more than) twice before you Tweet. I won't tell you much. Cause i really, really, Really want to Forget about it. So... July? The-worst-july-ever (i think). You know, School's Problems. Fyi, i got accepted at 70 Senior High School (International Program) too. But I didn't take it. The truth is... I.Really.Want.To.Take.It. But my Daddy didn't Agree with me. PS: I hate You, Dad. I have no idea what's in his Brain. Firstly, he's like "You must accepted at 70! You must accepted at 70! You must accepted at 70!" but now? Hhh. Well, maybe 47 is the Best for Me. Well, the truth is... It's not Good. AT ALL. First day in High School? Got yelled by the 'Seniors'. Then, i cried.Ergh. I won't tell you the detail of the Story. It's just makes me so Sad. Like, very very Sad. Let's go find some Happiness. :-)
BYE, xDifx.